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Film Freedom Documentation Portal

This is the wiki for the Film Freedom project, which will collect documentation resources for:

  • Open source production software for animation, sound production, and film making.
  • Free culture distribution, marketing, licensing, and business model information.

The idea is effectively to become an "online film school", mostly crowd-sourced and/or crowd-funded, which centers open movie film making and open source film making tools.

This project was started as an outgrowth of the ["Lunatics!" |] open-movie animated series project, as we were producing a lot of behind-the-scenes and tutorial content, and wanted a more general place to put such content. We also wanted to create a guide to the MANY existing resources for animation and film making with open source software that can be found online, as well as promoting other open movie projects (of which there are several currently active). Open movies are becoming a movement in themselves, and we want to provide you with a guide to it to make it easier for aspiring film makers to get involved.

We're just getting started!

Statement of Purpose: Film Freedom is about just that, the freedom to create. Whether you are making a film, a podcast, a game, or something completely new, we want to lower the barriers. This site hopes to point you to open source software, tutorials, and groups that will help you create your dream without gatekeepers holding you back. Tell us what you need. We will try to help you find it.


[about] [audio] AUDIO STARTERS GUIDE About audio editing: Do Overs - Pacing and Removing vocal tics Chelsea Vowel of the Metis in Space Podcast

A good discussion of what to think about when you record your very first audio files. [Video] [Animation]

Using Blender

Here are some very friendly intro tutorials on rigging for animation by Cherylynn Lima, using Blender 2.79 (created in 2018):



Face rigging:

WANT TO HELP We are brand spanking new! Join us Saturday, June 29, 2019 at 3pm CST for a discussion on Discord. Temp login